What Do girls really want a Nice guy? Or a Nice bad guy?

Here we have your typical love story couple.

Here we have your typical love story couple.

We all hear it from friends and family, even on television and in movies; We’ve all heard those famous  little words that come up at some point In  a person’s life “I just wish I could find a nice guy”

A friend of mine would always ask me why are all men the same? and why she could never find a nice guy. I said , “Yes most guys are  all the same but there are some out there that are not like the guys she’s had come into here life, nice guys do exist but are just harder to find. She was tired of the guys that would put her down and that didn’t have a job or goals in life.

About two weeks later she come and tells me that some guy just came into the store she worked at and asked if he could take her out sometime. She said that she was busy and couldn’t find the time to go out on a date with him. He continued to visit her and would bring her lunch and talk with her. One day he brought her some Gerber Daisy flowers, which happen to be her favorite kind. She was all happy and excited, she finally  agreed to go out to dinner with him. About three or four dates later, The very next day she comes up to me with a look on her face that wasn’t …well happy. I ask her whats wrong and she replies ” I don’t think I’m going to see him again” I asked “why” she says ” I don’t know…he’s  to Nice, he said that he really likes me and that he want to take care of me and my kids”.  I ask “well whats wrong with that? isn’t that what you been wanting? someone who is nice and would take care of you? I heard that same line about  three other times. She had gone on a few dates and always said that the guy was to nice

Same thing with another friend of mine. She was in a relationship with a guy who  would emotionally abuse her and make her feel like she could never find anyone better than him, she finally ended it.  Then she fell in love with some guy who she thought was the one, until he started to stand her up and call her names. She called me crying a few times around 3:am or 4;00 am each time telling me how bad he put her down and that no one has ever made her feel so bad, he had hurt her verbally, told her things that no girl would ever want to hear. I told her she needed to let him go and try to find someone else. The guy ended up having a warrant for his arrest and got taken to jail.  Some other guy comes along and she is like all happy and says he asked her out on a date that night. I said” that’s good, you should go’ you need to get out and forget that other guy. Well she does the same thing…she tells me that he is a nice guy and he is very attractive  but….he is too nice and that she wants to see if things would work out with the guy who went to jail. I’m like… What the heck is wrong with you girls? Do you guys like to be treated bad and put down and hit? You always complain that you can’t find a nice guy, but when that nice guy comes along you end up saying he is too nice.


Girls you need to really ask yourselves what do you really want cause when that nice guy comes along that you been wanting you end up breaking it off or not giving them a chance. all because you say he is “To Nice”. Well I say go for it take that nice guy and corrupt him a little.

Don’t  just say he is to nice, give it a try to see where it goes. But never say you wish you had a nice guy cause when he does come along you don’t even give him a chance.  I was one of those nice guys, and I still am. I just found someone who showed me some things. someone who took a chance on a nice guy and corrupted him a little, when I say corrupt I don’t mean anything crazy. you know what I’m getting at. – Joey M


One Response to “What Do girls really want a Nice guy? Or a Nice bad guy?”

  1. Women are looking for a lost type of man known as the Integrated Male. It sounds like a complete joke here but in all seriousness, the Integrated Male is a man who is balanced, assertive, and straightforward in beliefs.

    Balanced is where the man spends both equal time with a spouse/girlfriend, passion, and his own need.

    Assertiveness is where the man is firm when it comes to dealing with an issue, and holding steadfast to it.

    Straightforwardness is the last trait where the man holds no covert contracts, no hidden agenda, and no secrecy about his own personal life.

    This is the basics of an Integrated Male, who is bold, filled with adventure, and kind when the situation calls. However, the last of the Integrated Male was seen in World War II when there was a change in this particular era.

    With the shift from agricultural to industrial work, men working 9-5 jobs, boys being sent to schools where women were mainly the teachers, the feminist movement, and the media portraying a “different” type of man known as the Nice Guy, men started to shift towards that type of guy.

    Today’s society now sees more of the Nice Guy thanks to all these social consequences, but thanks to websites such as The Art of Manliness, and books such as No More Mr. Nice Guy, we are seeing a slow return to the Integrated Male.



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